My name is Johannes Stutz. I am learning and writing about how machines can learn. My interest in all things AI began with my fascination with Tesla’s Autopilot software. Would it actually be possible for a car to drive itself in every situation?

I wanted to learn more about the technology behind this and have embarked on a journey into machine learning. Since I don’t have a professional background in coding or computer science, I go with “learning by doing”. This approach is especially endorsed by’s great online courses.

I work as a pilot for a large airline. I think digitalization and AI can help aviation become more sustainable and even safer. But from my experience with partially automated systems, I also know how important it is to keep the human in the loop. AI should not replace humans, it should support them!

Reach out to me on Twitter, I enjoy talking and learning about machine learning, aviation, space flight… let’s nerd out!

Thank you

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Thank you to wal_172619 on Pixabay for the picture of Berlin TV tower.